Customer Feedback - 3D Photo Crystals used as night lights

We’ve been getting a lot of great feedback about using our beautiful 3D photo crystals as night lights.  Each EverBrite-HD photo crystal includes an HD-Quality LED light-base with UL approved AC adapter so they remain beautifully illuminated day and night.  Many of our customers now say they use their illuminated crystals in the kid's bedrooms, hallways and other rooms as night lights and the 3D images really look even more amazing in the low light.  And because the solid-state LED light-bases and AC adapters use so little energy, they are actually far more efficient than many other night light choices....

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EverBrite-HD Photo Crystals Blog

Hello everyone!  We’re really excited about getting our EverBrite-HD Photo Crystals blog up and running! We are your source for the newest and most unique High Definition 3D Laser Gifts and photo crystals available.  The exclusive EverBrite-HD line of High Definition crystals are the brightest and most detailed 3D Image crystals on the market and only available here.   Be sure to visit our Photo Gallery which features many great 3D Photo Crystal Gift ideas and get to know us better by visiting our "Why Choose Us?", FAQs and reading our blogs. Over time you will see many posts here...

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