Why Choose Us?

We Offer the Best Gift Giving Experience

Our service is second to none and we created the unique EverBrite-HD line to be the most beautiful, highly detailed photo crystal gifts available. We know your 3D gifts will amaze your family and friends from the moment they open the elegant satin lined gift box. 

Save Money

We offer great promotional discounts and are the only site that includes the AC powered LED Light-base at no additional cost!  All photo crystals look their best when displayed on a high quality LED base and that's why we include our HD-Quality LED light-base with UL listed AC adapter (a $40 Value) with every EverBrite-HD crystal.  Others offer promotional discounts on their crystals while “strongly recommending” you also buy their LED base at extra cost and most are just battery powered light-bases without the important UL listed AC adapter!  After just a few days the LED batteries die and your gift is no longer as bright and beautiful as it was without buying more batteries.  Don’t you just hate that?

 We Are a Trusted American Company

Our founder, Ed Thompson has more than 30 years of engineering experience developing advanced Ultra-HD imaging systems for public safety and has been awarded 12 US & International Design Patents.  Bringing this considerable engineering experience to the photo crystal industry, Ed created the unique EverBrite-HD line of High Definition photo crystals which are the brightest and most detailed photo crystals available.

We are a Safe & Secure Shopping Site

We employ the highest level of security industry standards. Look for these important security symbols as you shop and know that you are fully protected by the very latest security technology.



 Easiest Ordering

Ordering your personalized EverBrite-HD photo crystal is as Easy as 1,2,3.

  1. Just select your desired crystal size
  2. Upload your photo. You can even rotate or crop your image here.
  3. Add any desired Text Options

That’s it!  There’s nothing else to buy because each EverBrite-HD photo crystal includes an HD-Quality LED light-base with a UL Listed AC adapter ($40 value) and arrives in an elegant satin lined gift box.  Our 3D artists will create your personalized EverBrite-HD photo crystal that will amaze everyone who sees it!

We Focused Our Entire System to Offer Better Results

  • The U.S. Trade-Marked EverBrite-HD photo crystals are the first to offer true High Definition photo detail and the brightest 3D images available.
  • Our 3D artists understand High Definition crystal photo processing and consistently produce brighter, more detailed 3D photo crystals than others using legacy processing techniques.
  • We routinely test and compare our EverBrite-HD photo crystal quality to others using our proprietary test charts shown here taken from actual photo crystals for critical comparison.
  • We use our proprietary test charts to optimize our 3D laser settings to insure pristine results every time.

 * EverBrite-HD is a registered Trademark with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office.